CPE Application Overview

Application Purpose

This application provides an efficient simulation engine to accurately determine the performance of a motor vehicle, using readily available data. Car models can be saved for analysis later on. Any input parameters can be varied and their effect on the resultant performance determined at the click of a button

Required Input Parameters

  • Gear Ratio's
  • Engine Peak Torque
  • Engine RPM at Peak Torque
  • Engine RPM at Max Power Delivery
  • Engine RPM at Redline
  • Vehicle Mass
  • Tyre Size, Width and Profile
Gear Ratio's

Optional Input Parameters

  • Drag Coefficient
  • Wheel Mass
  • Fly Wheel Mass
  • Fly Wheel Diameter
Advanced Parameters

Calculated Performance Metrics

  • Speed vs Time (0-100 time etc.)
  • Distance vs Time (1/4mile time & Speed etc.)
  • Max Speed per Gear (Power and Max RPM)
  • Max Speed Achievable (including gear & RPM)
Application Output

Last Update: 30-07-2009

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